Precision machining, automated metal finishing, and contract manufacturing services available in Denver Colorado.

In addition to manufacturing every item on this site we also manufacture parts for other businesses. We have a long history in power sports and have also manufactured components for a wide range of industries from heavy equipment to scientific instrumentation.

Precision machining services.

We excel in the area of precision tolerance machining of complex parts with fine surface finishes. We have over 18 years of experience working with a wide range of materials from engineering plastics to titanium. Production quantities of a single prototype to 1000's of parts are available.

Automated metal finishing services.

In house finishing services including: de-burring, polishing, buffing, brushing, and vapor hone media blasting are available. Our centrifugal barrel finishing, spindle finishing, and automated buffing equipment provide high tolerance finishes consistently.

CAD/CAM design.

We can also assist you in developing your project with state of the art CAD/CAM design software. Reverse engineering from your model or existing part is also available.

Areas we specialize in.

Custom manufacturing of difficult or impossible to obtain replacement parts for industrial equipment. We have the ability to reverse engineer components that are currently in service or damaged and need to be replaced.

Fixtures for manufacturing and testing.

Custom manufactured parts for High Performance Automotive and Power Sports Racing.

Short and long run production of complex close tolerance parts that require a high degree of aesthetic beauty.

Available services list.

CNC Milling - High speed multi pallet production machinery capable of a wide range of part geometries from simple 2D parts to complex 3D parts with contours on all 6 sides. We also have CNC milling equipment dedicated to prototype and special project work allowing us to quickly complete custom work without disrupting production work.

CNC Turning - Conventional turret lathe type, High speed production of cylindrical parts.

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing (Harperizing). High speed edge radiusing, deburing, burnishing, and surface polishing for metals.

Spindle Finishing. Automated precision finishing of parts requiring uniform de-burring and RMS improvement where part on part impingement can not be allowed. Both wet and dry processes available.

Vapor Hone Media Blasting. "Wet Blast" process developed for precision surface finishing and pre-plate cleaning. Produces a fine matt finish on mold surfaces and production parts without removing material. Up to 5000 mesh media capacity.

Automated Buffing. Brush deburring and cloth buffing of small gears or small cylindrical parts.

UV photo activated masking is also available for all finishing processes.

Rotomatic Die Cutting.

Skin packaging.

Sequential part number serialization stamping (part serial number stamping).

CNC Machining Services in Denver Colorado