Vapor Honing / Vapor Blasting Surface Preparation Services
Vapor Honing / Vapor Blasting (wet media grit blasting).
Vapor Honing is a mechanical surface preparation process that uses a fine abrasive in a slurry solution to clean and or texture the surface of a part. The Vapor Hone process produces a clean satin finish without removing stock or damaging intricate details. Unlike dry bead blasting Vapor Hones can use very fine blast medias, up to 5000 mesh. The fine media can clean parts without overheating, warping, or removing metal.
Vapor Hones are often used for:
  • Treating a surface to make it metallurgically clean, prior to electro-polishing, electro-plating, passivating, or other coating processes.

  • Removing heat treatment scale and tempering discoloration.

  • Removing machining or directional polish lines on molds and dies for metal, plastics, or rubber.

  • Producing a controlled, microscopically pitted surface to retain lubricants uniformly.

  • Removing microscopic burs from cutting edges of tools to reduce flank wear and tool friction.

  • Producing an attractive matte surface on many types of materials including metals, plastics, and glass.

  • Restoration of antique automobile and motorcycle parts.

  • Removing carbon deposits from internal combustion engine parts such as piston tops, combustion chambers, intake and exhaust ports, and valves.

  • Finishing firearms. Processes for 416 Stainless provide a beautiful satin finish that retains protective lubricants preventing corrosion. Removing Cerakote or Duracoat coatings to the base material without damaging the surface. Preparation of surfaces for coatings such as Duracoat, and plating processes such as anodize, and black oxide.

Processing Equipment
We utilize a Vapor Blast brand VBLH 3030 model.
  • 30 inch by 30 inch by 36 inch tall work envelope.

  • We keep a variety of media on hand including 2500 and 5000 mesh.
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