Installation instructions for Electraeon Fast Throttle Cam
All models except StreetFighter, 848, 1098, 1198.

Be sure that you have the correct Electraeon Fast Throttle Cam for your motorcycle. Attempting to install the incorrect model will cause installation difficulties and poor performance.

Tools Required: Small size Metric combination wrenches (Spanners). Most often the 10mm, and 11mm sizes. Optional items: Metric 1/4 inch drive socket set. 242 Loctite (Blue) service removable grade thread locking compound or equivalent.

Remove right side panels as necessary to access throttle bodies.

Slacken the Throttle Cable: The throttle cable runs though the adjuster about 2 inches from the throttle cam. Loosen the throttle cable adjuster lock nut. Rotate the adjuster to provide slack in the cable.

Remove Stock cam: Rotate the cam (opening butterflies) and remove the throttle cable wire from the cam. Be careful to not kink or otherwise damage the throttle cable. Remove the retaining nut from the throttle body shaft. Pay close attention to the location of any washers or spacers. Slide the cam off the throttle body shaft.

Install the Fast Throttle Cam: Place the Fast Throttle Cam on the throttle body shaft using all of the stock washers and spacers. Install the the retaining nut being careful not to cross thread the nut. (use blue Loctite on the threads of the throttle body shaft). Rotate the cam (opening butterflies) and install the throttle cable wire into the cam.

Adjust throttle cable: Adjust throttle cable by turning the adjuster so that there is 5 degrees of rotation at the throttle grip before the throttle bodies begin to open. Tighten the lock nut.

Note that throttle cable adjustment can make a large difference in the motorcycles performance. Along with skillful riding technique, setting the throttle cable with less slack may help to alleviate on/off throttle stumble issues. In all cases the throttle cable adjustment must pass the handle bar lock to lock test below.

Testing: Rotate the throttle grip several times. Throttle grip operation should feel smooth and the throttle spring should return the throttle to the closed position when released. Start the motorcycle in riding position with the transmission in neutral. Turn the handle bars from lock to lock. The engine idle speed should not change with handle bar position. If idle speed changes by moving the handle bars the throttle cable is too tight.