Installation instructions for Medium-Turn version of the
Electraeon Fast Throttle Tube for Ducati motorcycles.

Before removing the throttle housing take note of the throttle cable routing.

Fully slacken the cable adjusters. Peel back the sleeves to access the adjusters and slacken the locknuts. Turn the adjusters clockwise. Remove the throttle housing, and throttle tube.

Test with Fast Throttle Tube installed between the housings pressed together firmly. The Fast Throttle Tube should rotate freely between the stops.

Check for proper cable routing. Install the lower cable (throttle closing cable) in the oblong hole of the Fast Throttle Tube. Place the cable end in the lower housing and position it on the handlebar. Install the upper cable end in the Fast Throttle Tube. Align the cable tabs and bosses. Place the top throttle housing cover on. Install bolts. Check again for proper cable routing.

Adjust the cable length: Peel back the sleeves to access the adjusters and slacken the locknuts. Adjust both adjusters by the same amount: turn clockwise to increase free play, counter-clockwise to decrease free play. As a starting point, tighten both adjusters until slight resistance is felt in the adjusters then turn clockwise 2 full turns. Test by turning the throttle to full open position and releasing the grip. It should snap closed fully, smoothly, and quickly. Continue to turn clockwise 1 turn and testing. When the throttle closes smoothly test for free play. The throttle cable should have free play of 1.5 to 2.0 mm (measured in terms of rotation of the grip) in all steering positions. When finished, tighten the locknuts and replace the sleeves.

Testing: Rotate the throttle grip several times. Throttle grip operation should feel smooth and the throttle spring should return the throttle to the closed position when released. Start the motorcycle in riding position with the transmission in neutral. Turn the handle bars from lock to lock. The engine idle speed should not change with handle bar position. If idle speed changes by moving the handle bars the throttle cables are too tight.