Trademark Information and Policy.

Electraeon Trademark and Brand Policy

The following are general guidelines for the proper use of Electraeon trademarks, service marks, wordmarks, and trade names (collectively, "œtrademarks"). Electraeon has established strong goodwill and valuable rights through proper and continuous use of its trademarks. By adhering to these guidelines, you help us protect our valuable trademark rights and strengthen the integrity of our brands. Any use of Electraeon's trademarks that is inconsistent with these guidelines may violate Electraeon'™s trademark rights.

The following is a list of Electraeon's trademarks and service marks. The absence of a product or service name or logo from this list does not constitute a waiver of Electraeon's trademark or other intellectual property rights concerning that name or logo.

Electraeon™(stylized logo(s)

Electraeon Bolt™ (stylized logo(s)


Super Rockers™

Super Rocker Arm™

Fast Throttle Cam™

Fast Throttle Tube™

Fast Throttle Control™




Mega Foot™

SideStand Bypass™(stylized logo(s)

SideStand Bypass™

Incandescent Integrator System™

Engine Badge™

Shifter Trim Ring™

Motor Mount Cover™

Frame Spar Cover™

Stealth Series™

Dark Series™

American Classic™

Night Bike™

Exceptional performance for street and track™

Track tested, Driver approved™

Track tested, Rider approved™

Titanium Motor Mount™

Wing Mount Buttons™

Body Mount Buttons™

Factory Housing Modification Service℠

General Fair Use Guidelines

You may make fair use of Electraeon trademarks to: Make factual statements about Electraeon, our products, or truthfully communicate your interest in Electraeon'€™s products.

Also, you do NOT need permission to use our trademarks when making factual statements about the fact that you use authentic Electraeon products. When you do, please follow the proper form and guidelines outlined in this policy.

Please note that to use any Electraeon trademarks for commercial use, or to use Electraeon logo, stylizations, or copyrighted materials for any purpose, you must first obtain written permission from Electraeon.

1. Only use the wordmark (text version) Electraeon'€™s trademarks.

You should never use Electraeon'€™s logos or stylizations of trademarks without the express written consent of Electraeon.

2. Write our name and trademarks properly Electraeon or

The first letter of Electraeon is typically capitalized. Using all lower case is acceptable when referring to our website domain name(s) or web pages.

Correct use: Electraeon
Correct use:

3. Use our marks only as adjectives.

The trademark Electraeon has no meaning in any language other than the brand name of this company. Do not use Electraeon in the place of the trademark name of one of our products and do not use it as a description of a product or a products function. The Electraeon trademark must never be used as a common verb, as a noun, or as a generic term. The trademark should always be capitalized and should never be used in possessive form or as a slang term. It should be used as an adjective to describe the brand and should never be used in abbreviated or appended form.

A trademark is an adjective that modifies a noun. In other words, a trademark identifies a brand, not a product or service. It should always be used in connection with a generic product name, and never as a possessive or plural.

Correct use: The Electraeon Dial-O-Cam timing pulleys are working great.
Correct use: The Electraeon Fast Throttle Cam throttle controller prevents wrist stress.
Correct use: Electraeon manufactures fine quality parts for motorcycles.

Incorrect use: My Dial-O-Cams are working great.
Incorrect use: Electraeon'€™s throttle cam prevents wrist stress.

4. Use appropriate markings along with Electraeon'€™s marks.

When using Electraeon's marks in publications that will be distributed only in the United States, include the appropriate ™, ℠, ® symbol on first use. For publications that will be distributed outside the United States, do not include the trademark symbols. Instead use an appropriate trademark attribution notice, for example: Electraeon and Fast Throttle Cam are trademarks of Electraeon in the U.S. and other countries.

This notice should be at the bottom of your home page or at the bottom of the web pages that contain our marks and logos. For printed materials, please place the notice in an appropriate location with other legal notices.

5. Notify us when someone is NOT using our marks or logos properly.

Thank you in advance, please contact us via the email link on the Contact Us page.

Common Fair Use Examples

The following are common examples of fair use, and recommended guidelines to ensure you use our trademarks properly when talking about Electraeon, or referring to our products.

1. Talking About Electraeon

We encourage you to talk about Electraeon. If you talk about Electraeon in a non-commercial context, you do NOT need our permission. The only thing we ask is that you be honest, make truthful, accurate, non-disparaging statements about our trademarks, and use proper form.


a. USE INCORRECT FORM of our trademarks.

b. LIE or DISPARAGE by making statements that are misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate, disparaging, potentially damaging or otherwise untrue about the Electraeon brand, or our products.

c. IMPLY FALSE SPONSORSHIP OR ENDORSEMENT by referring to us in a way that implies a false sense of partnership or endorsement.

d. MAKE COMMERCIAL USE of our trademarks, logos, designs, and copyrighted material without first obtaining explicit written permission from Electraeon in advance.

2. Referring To, or Recommending Our Products

Electraeon manufactures fine quality parts for motorcycles Our products bear our trademarks to make sure that you know when you are dealing with authentic products manufactured by Electraeon.

As mentioned above, whenever you make fair, non-commercial use of our trademarks, please always use the correct form of the mark when referring to, describing, or recommending our products.


a. FALSELY CLAIM that a product is manufactured by Electraeon when it is not manufactured by Electraeon.

b. ASSOCIATE COUNTERFEIT or FAKE PRODUCTS with our trademarks, logo, copyright, and designs.

c. MAKE COMMERCIAL USE our trademarks without first obtaining explicit written permission from Electraeon in advance.

3. Declaring a Product to be Compatible with Electraeon Products.

Electraeon is the only manufacturer of authentic Electraeon products. Electraeon does not grant 3rd party companies license to use our trademarks and copyright in production or marketing of 3rd party products. If you want to use our trademarks and copyright for commercial purposes, you must first obtain express written permission from Electraeon.

Prohibited Uses of Our trademarks

All of the below examples are prohibited uses of our trademarks.


1. Use of trademarks in Your Company, Product or Service Name

You may NOT use any of our trademarks anywhere within the name of your company, product name, service name, or logos such as Electraeonparts,, or

2. Adopt a Confusingly Similar Variation of Our trademarks

You may NOT adopt a name, mark, or logo that is confusingly similar to our trademarks.

You may NOT use any of our trademarks in variations or to derive new words or phrases, including but not limited to phonetic variations, foreign language equivalents, take offs, abbreviations or conjunctions.

You also may NOT use altered versions of our copyrighted materials, or derive new graphics or text from our copyrighted materials for any purpose.

3. Use of trademarks in Domains, Online Identities, Usernames, Avatars, Icons, Keywords, and URLs

You may NOT use any of our trademarks or misspellings of our trademarks in your domain name(s), host names, website subdomain(s), or any online identity, including website usernames, group names, avatars, member names, or community web pages.

We retain the exclusive right to use our trademark(s) and copyright materials to establish our brand identity on all publicly available web platforms, including independently published websites (blogs, vlogs, news sources, online magazines), e-commerce enabled websites (online stores and 3rd party marketplaces), and community-based websites (forums, social networks) so that web users can easily distinguish authentic Electraeon identities and content sources from counterfeit or false persons inaccurately identifying themselves as Electraeon, or a Electraeon Authorized Reseller.

Therefore, we do NOT permit our trademarks, copyrights, and any variations or alterations thereof to be used as part of your online identity, including but not limited to domain names, sub-domains, member names, usernames, avatars, profile or business icons, category-level website URLs, or web page meta data related to any web page.

4. Use of Slogans or Tag-lines

You may NOT use stylized versions of our trademarks, tag-lines and slogans. Only Electraeon has the right to do so.

5. Hyphenate or Concatenate Our trademarks

You may NOT connect our trademarks to other words, prefixes or suffixes, such as with hyphenation (e.g. My product is Electraeon-compatible) or concatenation (e.g. I'€™m gonna Electraeonify my motorcycle).

6. Use of Visual Designs Confusingly Similar to Electraeon

You may NOT make use of our graphical brand identity, visual designs, or copy the look and feel of our products, packaging, websites, and logos, as this can create confusion for viewers trying to discern your real identity as distinct from Electraeon'€™s.

7. Falsely Imply Affiliation, Sponsorship, Endorsement, or Association

You may NOT imply any affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, or other association with us unless you received prior written permission from Electraeon to do so.

8. Attempt to Obtain Rights in Our trademarks or Copyright

Only Electraeon has rights to and ownership of our trademarks and copyrighted materials. Therefore, do NOT attempt to obtain rights in our trademarks whether by trademark registration, domain registration, or otherwise.

9. Use trademarks in Meta Data of Web Pages Not Relevant to Electraeon

You may NOT use our trademarks in meta data of informational web pages that are irrelevant to Electraeon, Electraeon products, or commercial web pages without first receiving written permission from Electraeon.

10. Use in Merchandise and Manufactured Items

Electraeon does not license its trademark(s), logo, or copyrighted materials, or any variations or derivations thereof, to 3rd parties for use in manufactured items. Therefore, you may NOT manufacture, sell or give-away merchandise items that bear any Electraeon trademark, including symbols, logos, or icons.

Any commercial Use Requires Permission

All of the below commercial uses are strictly prohibited without first receiving prior written permission from Electraeon.

1. Claim to be a Electraeon Authorized Reseller

Unless you possess a signed contractual agreement between you, your company and Electraeon that designates you as an Electraeon Authorized Reseller, you may NOT advertise yourself as such, and you may NOT use our trademarks and/or copyright commercially.

2. Claim to be Sponsored or Endorsed by Electraeon

Without first obtaining written approval of your sponsorship application from Electraeon, you may state that you, your organization, or your project is sponsored or endorsed by Electraeon in any way.

3. Use of trademarks and Copyrighted Materials on Commercial Web Pages

You may NOT use our trademark(s) or copyrighted materials in the information design of any website designed for commercial purpose, whether for promotion or sale of products or services without first obtaining written permission from Electraeon.

4. Use of trademarks and Copyright In Advertising and Promotions

Electraeon has an obligation to defend our rights to our registered trademark(s) and copyright materials, and thereby protect the interests of consumers interested in learning about or buying authentic Electraeon products by steering them away from counterfeit products or untrustworthy sources of information, and toward the only reliable, accurate sources of information about Electraeon products, services, product availability, or where to buy.
Therefore, to use our trademarks and copyrighted material in advertising and promotional materials, such as print ads, online ads, classified ads and product listings, fliers, tv ads, video ads, or online conversations you must first obtain specific permission from Electraeon to use our trademarks and copyrighted material.

5. Depict Electraeon Products in 3rd Party Advertising Materials

Electraeon does not permit the unauthorized use of images of Electraeon products in 3rd party advertising and promotional materials. Such use of Electraeon products in 3rd party advertising and promotional materials without first obtaining prior written permission to do so may create a false perception that Electraeon sponsors or otherwise endorses the advertised or promoted person, product, company, or service when no such relationship exists.

6. Use trademarks and Copyright in Broadcast, Film, TV and Online Media

To legally use our trademark(s) and copyrighted materials in broadcast or online media in any way not already covered by this document, you need prior written permission to do so.

7. Incorporate trademarks, Copyright, or Technology Into Commercial Products or Services

Electraeon has the exclusive right to use our trademark(s) and copyrighted materials commercially. Therefore, if you want to offer a compatible product or related service that leverages our trademark(s) and copyright for advertising or promotional purposes, you need permission.